HR Services

HR Services

Our HR Services in employment issues and business needs support the HR needs of your business in a proactive way.  This means the time pressures you have in this area can be managed by us and you will have more time to work on what you do best, growing your business.

You would use us when

  • You need experience and expertise in one of the business fit elements
  • You need hands on support delivering
  • Your HR team need an extra pair of hands to manage HR matters
  • You are embarking on an organisation transition that requires HR project management


Appraisal, performance management processes and procedures

Are you thinking about harnessing your people’s capability in a more engaging way? A framework that will integrate your people’s input with the business purpose and objectives? Do you want to achieve that through goal setting and providing learning experiences?

We are experienced in working with businesses to find the right approach that is relevant to their business. One size does not fit all, and running an ‘off the shelf’ appraisal process may not provide you with your intended outcome – which I expect is energised and motivated people who want to contribute and be listened to!


Employee contracts, handbooks – the HR framework

The foundations for employing people – a contract is not just to ensure you comply with employment legislation protecting the rights of employees, you also need to think about protecting your business, particularly if you are a small business.

Does this need for compliance bring a level of anxiety? Are your thoughts moving to concerns about a breach of contract, that it may mean a potential employment tribunal claim?  We can provide you with employment contracts and agreements that are relevant to your business, are legally compliant and protect your business as well as the employee.

Your employee handbook gives you the opportunity to let your employees understand the business culture, work ethics and expectations, as well as some of the key policies they need to be aware of.  The employee handbook is the keystone to the HR framework and it doesn’t have to be a 100 pages long.


Policies and procedures

Providing clear guidance your HR policies and procedures are the framework which will bring consistency and fairness in how employees operate and are treated within the workplace. The policies and procedures you put in place should be relevant to your business. it’s size, operating practices and to an extent can be written with emphasis to reflect your company culture.

There are some policies which are required to meet the requirements of employment law, maternity and paternity rights, legislation related to employees pay, and discrimination are examples.  Others fall under health and safety legislation that set out working and rest time and holidays. There is also legislative provision for setting out disciplinary and grievance procedures. We can keep you abreast of changes and advise you on any changes you may need to make.


Disciplinary and Grievance guidance for managers

When the workplace is disrupted by the need to investigate a disciplinary matter or when an employee raises a grievance, you can call Twenty Twenty HR to get the advice or direct support needed to carry out an investigation.  We can advise and support you should the matter progress to a hearing, or in supporting an appeal meeting.   In cases which proceed to an employment tribunal or arbitration panel we can ensure readiness in producing “the bundle”, all the documented and recorded evidence, and liaising with your legal support.


Employee Relations

Promoting a positive employee relations culture that is open, promotes respect between individuals, and that shares the business strategy with its employees, creates an environment of trust.  Where an environment of trust exists the fear to speak openly about issues and concerns is reduced, people are more engaged in the work they are doing being aware of their differences embracing positive conflict and enabling speedy decision making.

Sometimes it does not work that way, negative conflicts arise, or people choose not to follow formal guidance in how they do their work and when boundaries are crossed then disciplinary action or grievances may follow. We can support you in the formal processes of

  • disciplinary
  • grievance,
  • performance capability reviews


Recruitment support

Creating an interview experience that provides a picture for the candidate of what it would be like to work in your organisation, is just as important as finding out whether they have the skills you are looking for. We provide support to your managers when recruiting at all stages of hire – attraction, selection, offer and on-boarding.



You may not consider looking for help when you need to save money and are looking to cut costs in your business, but the impact of getting it wrong may be costly not only in compensation, but management time, legal fees and costly in terms company reputation and being known as a good employer. Whether the reason you are looking to reduce employees is due to change of business direction and reduced skill requirements, relocation, merger, acquisition or recession, our services can support you in this time both sensitively and to ensure compliance.

Free HR Healthcheck

We were impressed with how quickly Maggie was able to grasp an understanding of the makeup of our business and the market in which we operate in. Maggie had a limited time in which to conduct a review of the employee drivers of retention and reward in alignment with organisational procedures for talent management and succession planning at our organisation….. A report of her findings together with her recommendations and suggested solutions was completed within the tight timescales agreed.  This is now being taken forward to the Board of Trustees for final approval, following which, we intend to roll out some of the recommendations over the next 12-18 months.”

Wendy Rushton

HR Manager, PACEY

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