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Voices at Work

..starting the conversation!


Communication is key to a successful business. Each person has an individual but largely unconscious profile of  ‘voices’, which shapes the way they talk and the impact they make. By bringing the personal pattern of voices and its impact on others into conscious awareness, dialogue and interaction in the workplace can be considerably improved, so can organisational culture.

VoicePrint© is an organisational development and training tool that helps turn insights into practice and practice into capability, raising staff and manager awareness to enable them to pinpoint underlying problems, which are hindering effective communication in the workplace.

Twenty Twenty HR director Maggie Strudwick is an experienced and certified Advanced VoicePrint practitioner who knows the benefits of the tool and how it can be effectively employed to improve communication in the workplace, unlocking staff potential and creativity.

Speak to Maggie today to find out how VoicePrint could help your business.