Creating the Business Fit environment

Creating the Business Fit environment  20:20:60


Creating the Business Fit environment is about getting fit, bringing balance and congruence between the people and organisational elements of your business.  The people elements being culture and the skills people use to carry out their work, and the business elements of operating systems and the organisational design.  People and business elements in a Business Fit environment is a 20:20 balance.  In bringing congruence to the internal processes means you are primed for greater agility and adeptness at adapting to meet the demands of your more uncertain exterior business; the 60%, set in a volatile, complex and changing world.

Being able to keep focus on a volatile future; where the challenge is unexpected, unstable or of an unknown duration, is manageable.  However, when our world is increasingly complex with a range of variables that can be overwhelming, people find it challenging.  Dealing with uncertainty when the information you have may not provide the answers needed leads to ambiguity as connections cannot be easily made.

This is a VUCA world


Creating a Business Fit environment will help you manage within this world.

We work with you and your teams to develop:-

  • a people strategy that aligns to your business strategy
  • a communication and conflict management strategy that reaches from your cultural centre into your exterior business environment.
  • leadership attributes for your people that can filter the ambiguity to manage transition of regular and inevitable change.


What are the questions you have right now?

Are they similar to those I receive from clients and enquirers?  In looking through a lens on their HR Frameworks, culture awareness for staff retention, succession planning, and people capability in having people with the right skills, in the right place at the right time, we find the ways to create their Business Fit environment.

“Maggie we want to keep the start up culture as we grow, when can you come and talk to us about how we approach that?”
Renewable Energy company

“We issued the contracts and handbook at the end of last year, can you come and talk to us about putting in a performance review process?”
Electrical Contractor

“I need job descriptions in place so that my managers can manage better and productivity and performance will match the work ethic we used to have but has gone in recent years”
Manufacturing company

Twenty Twenty HR - Business Fit Environment

We were impressed with how quickly Maggie was able to grasp an understanding of the makeup of our business and the market in which we operate in. Maggie had a limited time in which to conduct a review of the employee drivers of retention and reward in alignment with organisational procedures for talent management and succession planning at our organisation….. A report of her findings together with her recommendations and suggested solutions was completed within the tight timescales agreed.  This is now being taken forward to the Board of Trustees for final approval, following which, we intend to roll out some of the recommendations over the next 12-18 months.”

Wendy Rushton

HR Manager, PACEY

Talking to Maggie is always an excellent use of my time.  Her ability to synthesise complex issues into clear and actionable insights is powerful, valuable and rare. While I learn new things every day, I learn far more about myself – and how to be more effective – when that day includes the opportunity to tap into Maggie’s wisdom.  I always leave our conversations feeling heard, greatly re-energised; ready to tackle whatever complex and interesting challenges I have at hand.  I trust Maggie’s integrity as much as her advice, and am delighted to be an advocate of her work.

Dr Emma Langman PhD, FRSA

HR Leader, Talent & Change

Twenty Twenty HR - Maggie Strudwick

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