Maximising Difference:

Building a working environment for diversity and inclusion.

The organisational structure

Using organisational patterning¹  for an adaptable structure.  Organisations require elements of:

–  co-operation
–  autonomy
–  control

Even in an organisation that has co-operation as its cultural backdrop – there will be aspects of control and, likely, greater levels of autonomy.  The triangles are not intended to represent equilibrium between the three elements, the balance comes from the business strategy: it’s purpose, what operating tasks are required, and the way people will act and behave to achieve the desired outcome – the culture.

¹ symbology source and triarchical theory from Seeing Organisatioanl Patterns: Robert W Keidel

The People Focus

Focus is on consistently developing self awareness so as to be able to contribute fully.  The three aspects of self in focus are:

–  Values
–  Voice
–  Vitality

Values makes us who we are.  They are not visible, they show up as ideas in our conscious awareness to form our decision making, and determine the behaviours we use when acting on our decisions.  The behaviours can be fired up or dulled down, depending on how the emotional edge of a value is sharpened.  Values are the things we hold as being important to us, truly important –  I like the notion of our values being entangled, with priority values rising to the fore determined by each given situation, an ebb and flow of change.  I like that we set ourselves up for success when we come together creating an energy network of entangled values and maximising difference through being inclusive and honouring diversity.

Voice  If you go with the idea that values show up in our conscious awareness to form our decision making and determine our behaviours, then our use of “talk” is “values” powerful companion.  Talk is the primary form of action and interaction in our lives.  Our use of talk acts as a conduit to deliver our value driven decisions, riding on the emotion evoked from a triggered value, to be expressed and heard by others

The impact we make is determined by the voices we use – an exploring voice, a voice to take a position, or one to control a situation – it is vital for the outcome we desire that we bring our use of talk into conscious awareness so as to use it as mindfully as we might.  We have a tendency to use voices

The discipline in being able to do this lies in our understanding  tendency to our use of voices; our dominant voices and those we use when under pressure.  Developing the skill in using each of them appropriately when the occasion calls and keeping the conversation alive to conclusion, takes practice and sometimes courage, to step away from our favoured presenting voice. and that is where sensitivity comes in.  Sensitivity is the key to using tendency and skill successfully in practice to make voice that powerful companion to express our values.

Vitality, being our personal best!  Setting goals, outcome and stepped goals, having a growth mindset – it impacts performance and behaviour!  Having the energy to roll with the punches, adapt to changing situations and circumstances.  That’s why Vitality joins Voice and Values.