Transition and Change

Transition and Change


Creating the Business Fit environment is an approach to transition and change aligned with the notion that as the world increasingly faces turbulent, complex and uncertain change, flexible styles of organisation are required.  No one-size fits all; leaders will need to understand how to ambiguity in the flow of transition and leading the step across boundaries with the aim of achieving business sustainability in a complex exterior business environment.

The ability to adapt is key, when organisations are on their course of managed change, the frameworks and processes will not necessarily be common to all functions, nor will they necessarily be constant fixtures.

An open system framework needs careful management to satisfy and balance the internal operating processes of the organisation. Congruence of the interacting internal processes across the elements of culture, processes, systems and people needs.  The balancing of those internal elements will be affected by the exterior environment in which the organisation operates in, and is impacted by.

The Business Fit environment provides:

  • a roadmap for design and project management of a business.
  • A balance between the four internal elements below, set within the context of the exterior operating environment
    • culture
    • people
    • organisational design,
    • work tasks/frameworks

Are you looking to revisit how your business approaches transition and change?

Here are some of the projects we can support you with


  • Culture brand transition
  • Culture diagnostics
  • Values workshops – living our values in the workplace – working with our values expert partner to deliver
  • Employee motivation and engagement


Capability Framework

  • Resource and Workforce planning
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Strategic Recruitment


People and Performance

  • Business function process integration to achieve margin gains
  • Development programmes
  • Graduate and apprenticeship programmes
  • Reward and Incentive


Organisational Structure

  • Practical models, approaches and tools to support change leaders in managing the stages of transition
  • Process focused structures
  • Strategic recruitment
  • Creating the Business Fit Environment
  • TUPE transfers
  • Redundancy and outplacement programmes

Margaret has been my expert advisor whilst developing a high profile training programme for the engineering construction industry.  Margaret’s input on the HR and Employment Law aspects of the programme was critical and her superb knowledge of this subject meant we were able to develop quizzes and case studies that were true to life and legally correct.  Her input on other aspects of the course relating to leadership and performance management has been invaluable.  Margaret is a great source of knowledge and one that can always be relied on.

Karen Fleming

HR, L&D Consultant - Sense and ability

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Maggie is extremely knowledgeable in the area of Organisational Development especially building capacity through leadership, development and the deployment of a people driven strategy, this coupled with understanding the importance of connecting the business activities and processes with the integration of teams to gain organisational effectiveness was extremely insightful. Having a passionate collaborative approach Maggie has a great ability to make connections across the business, this was found to be invaluable when designing and integrating the organisational structure required to meet the growth of the business.

Mike Richardson

Head of Organisational Design, HVMS

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