HR For SME's


HR For SME’s


Each business we work with has different needs, all of our services are available to the SME’s we work with.  SME’s may ask different questions to the larger corporates, the Twenty Twenty HR services for both large and small companies can be found within “Business Fit” Environment operating elements of

  • People Capability,
  • Frameworks – structuring our work – doing what we do,
  • Culture
  • Organisational Design


You can call on us when you are thinking about the options for employing more people 

We can help you explore the options, it may not be a full time permanent hire, fixed term or an agency hire that is the best fit. You can talk with us when you are thinking about and planning a change to the job roles required in your business.  Whether you need a basic employment contract, fixed term, part-time, apprenticeship, casual hour contract, or, for charities a voluntary or work experience agreement, we have a complete range of contracts and supporting employment documents .

We can help you to recruit for the required job role and provide the correct contract ready to be delivered when you need it.


Is your business changing shape?

Are you thinking of alternative options to avoid redundancies?

When there is a need to make a reduction of existing job roles we can help you as you re-organise your structure.  You may be investing in a new business revenue stream, the change may require a reduction in numbers due to recession, or reduced customer orders might be managed by a short term layoff.  At these times you can call on us to discuss the alternatives to redundancy.  Alternative solutions may bring financial cost savings, help you retain skills valuable to your business and reduce the emotional and motivational impact on people in the working environment.  If redundancy is the route you need to take, we can support you and your managers to carry out the process, ensuring compliance and sensitivity in the transition.


When you hear about employment law changes, do you have concerns?

Concerns that they affect your business but you are uncertain in what way or how far reaching?
Concerns of the impact of doing nothing?

Some employment law changes affect all businesses, changes to the National Minimum Wage for example.  Others only impact businesses once they have a certain number of employees, or level of wage bill, and some employment law that larger companies have to comply with may impact the smaller companies in their supply chain, for example, “Whistleblowing”, Modern Slavery Act or Bribery Act.

If you are uncertain about legislative requirements and the relevance of these in your own business, make contact and we will quickly be able to help you get a clear picture of what you need to put in place.


You might also call us when

  • You want to review your existing policies and procedures. If the last time you did this was 2010, you really do need to call us.
  • You need to investigate a potential disciplinary matter, or you require support in hearing a disciplinary meeting.
  • An employee has made an official grievance and you want support in taking the next steps to resolve it.
  • You are buying or selling part of your business and a TUPE situation requires careful management.
  • You want to put in place a people strategy that aligns to your business strategy

We know that day to day you focus on doing what you do best, running your business.  In placing the HR matters for your business with us you can continue to do that, whilst we provide trusted, timely and focused delivery of your HR requirements and you save time to spend focusing on generating business.

Free HR Healthcheck


Having Maggie within the office for four months assisting PRS with HR policies, recruitment and general HR advice was extremely helpful.  Being a new company providing outsourced local authority services, having Maggie in-house for advice and guidance was just what we required.

Maggie’s knowledge and experience was just what I required for a recent recruitment, her interview structure helped me select a well rounded candidate who has fitted into the company with ease.

I would highly recommend Maggie to any new / existing business or one that needs a fresh set of eyes to assist with HR.

Joanne Beaseley

Director, Public Realm Services Ltd

“…. on a personal note, thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. I have found it extremely helpful and knowledgeable and it has been a bit of an eye opener for me (in a good way).”

Customer Care Manager, CES Security Solutions Ltd

Our pricing models

We have three pricing models that are totally flexible.  If these do not fit your needs we can talk and find out the best way forward to engage.

HR Adapt is a Pay As You Go servicethis is set up under a General Service Agreement arrangement to provide HR services that can be requested, delivered and paid for on an as needs basis during the service agreement provision period, usually a year, sometimes 6 months. Review meetings take place on a quarterly basis at no charge to yourselves. A service suited to start-ups and micro businesses.

HR ResolveDo you need the “HR Answer” now?  You may have put off dealing with an issue that has now escalated and you need HR expertise to resolve it. If new legislation has been announced and you need to check you are being compliant, you may have to amend your procedures and you need to know how that impacts on other parts of your business.

This is an ad hoc service dealing with reactionary issues, finding the fix for your HR issue in the moment.

HR Business Fit     Having an experienced HR professional working with you in partnership on a regular basis brings benefits; we get to know your business, your ways of working, your values. The people focused roadmap we share with clients when planning the areas of support is to create a “business fit” environment – fit between the employee frameworks, organisation structure, and culture and people capabilities.  Working on specific projects or developing a people strategy that aligns with your business strategy.

The costs for this service depend on the usage and need and will vary between clients and the flexibility they need for the longer term engagement,

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