Conflict And Communication

Conflict And Communication

Understanding and managing conflict in the work place

We know that unresolved negative conflict in the workplace impacts on the performance of individuals and can cause undue pressure in the team. People can harbour ill-feeling, react in ways that are out of character, become demotivated, sometimes the impact is such that people leave or illness, absenteeism and stress increases. From a business perspective grievances or complaints may be made – which for a business takes time to deal with and can be costly – increased turnover of staff is both disruptive and costly.

We are only human after all

Conflict is inevitable, each of us can be triggered by different events that impact a need, our identity, or a value.

You are not alone

CIPD research confirms managers generally feel ill-equipped to deal with conflict, the critical opportunity to avoid escalation can be lost and the unrest and disruption described instills.

The research says that employees generally feel unsupported by the organisation when a conflict situation arises and consider they have few opportunities available to them to address matters informally.

Conflict Management Coaching

The CINERGY™ model is a one-to-one process, structured to enable the development of strategies for dealing more effectively with conflict. In empowering the individual to engage in and take ownership of the situation and the resolutions they develop for themselves are aligned to their values, beliefs, and are managed in a way determined by themselves. It aims to prepare and equip the individual to make more effective behaviour choices when faced with future situations of unrest.

The Individual benefits

  • Through developing self-awareness and ownership
  • As more effective responses and behaviour choices are revealed
  • In being empowered to self-manage inevitable conflict and achieve positive outcomes

The Organisation benefits

  • With managers feeling more confident and competent having this informal intervention to manage conflict.
  • When coaching can help slow he escalation of a situation which otherwise may lead to a formal procedure and a drain on resources.
  • From improved motivation and morale, as relationships are founded from self awareness and self management of triggers
  • From a reduction in stress related absence
  • As self-aware teams can develop skills to maximise the differences that individual contributors bring – to find out see VoicePrint,  a profile and coaching tool to support all in the “use of talk”.

As a Conflict Management Coach I will be able to help you

  • identify goals and help you determine how to go about achieving those goals,
  • encourage you to consider and reflect on different perspectives
  • explore and reflect on the different responses to the conflict and the possible outcomes
  • consider the steps that might be taken to resolve the conflict
  • prepare for any barriers or obstacles that may block your way to achieving your goal

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